Victim Restitution

For California Attorneys: Victim Restitution ( July 2014 ) California has enacted one of the country's most sophisticated legal protocols for victim restitution. It is a complex web of constitutional provisions, statutes, and cases, and it even includes official court forms. All people […]

Lawyer Drug Abuse

For California Attorneys: Dealing With Substance Abuse ( July 2010 ) Courtroom victories are uplifting, but when the winning lawyer returns to his or her office, a daunting reality awaits: a desk overflowing with new cases; motions waiting to be filed; looming deadlines; a voice mailbox full […]

Good Faith

For California Attorneys: Drafting Around Good Faith ( July 2013 ) In California, every contract contains an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which prevents one party from unfairly frustrating the other party's right to receive contractual benefits. The implied covenant is […]

Alter Ego

For California Attorneys: Alter Ego in Federal Court ( July 2011 ) For many years, plaintiffs enjoyed wide latitude when stating claims in federal court. But in recent years, that has changed as the U.S. Supreme Court has clarified the pleading standards, effectively raising the bar for […]