Courts in California Over the period 2008-2013, the financial crisis affecting California's courts has caused: 46 courthouses to close 164 courtrooms to close 1,885 court employees to lose their jobs $1.2 billion to be cut from the state courts' budget Source: Assembly […]

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice in California Ballot Measure: Proposition 46 by Ben Adlin A 39-year-old limit on medical malpractice damages doesn't translate easily to a 30-second campaign spot. But a confluence of frustration, tragedy, and political bargaining has California consumer attorneys […]


Settlement in California Good Faith Settlements All litigators need to know the statutory rules governing good faith settlements. By Gilda R. Turitz. She is a partner and litigation practice group leader at Sideman & Bancroft in San Francisco. When one defendant in a multiparty case […]


Counsel in California Right to counsel in civil trials by Mike Rosen (2012) San Francisco experiments with the right to counsel in civil trials. A city ordinance signed by Mayor Ed Lee in April 2012 has made San Francisco the first city in the nation to create a guaranteed right to civil […]


Immigration in California Chinese Immigration by Thomas L. Libby On April 26, 1862, as the Civil War raged on, the California Legislature approved the Anti-Coolie Act. Lawmakers used the derogatory term for unskilled Asian workers in the title of the law, which also spelled out the intent […]

Health Law

Health Law in California Healthcare providers in California frequently express concern about the impact complex health information laws have on their practices and ability to provide integrated and coordinated care for patients. This is particularly true for the stringent federal and State […]