Legal Forms

Research Guide – California Legal Forms California Civil Procedure Formbooks These include: California Affirmative Defenses 2d, Bancroft Whitney, 5 volumes.┬áThese forms are for defenses to civil actions.┬áThis publication is also available on Westlaw (Formerly, CAAFDEF). California […]


Dust-control settlement in the Owens Valley By Laura Impellizzeri: Dust storms in the Owens Valley have been comparable to the worst of the 1930s Dustbowl or modern Arizona, says Duane Ono, the acting air pollution control officer of the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control […]

Water Supply

Water Supply System By Bill Blum. He is a freelance writer and former administrative law judge based in Los Angeles (2011) Known as Central Delta I (a companion case has been stayed), a litigation aims to overturn the legal framework and entitlement contracts that control the massive […]

Global Warming Solutions Act

Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006(AB 32) Summary Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006(AB 32) Cap and Trade California applied or put cap-and-trade regulations into effect in January 2012, making it the first state in the nation to use such a scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. […]

Polanco Redevelopment Act

Clean Up: Polanco Redevelopment Act Overview By Jason F. Meyer and Ana R. Hartman. The first is a partner and the second is an associate in the San Diego office of Gordon & Rees. Meyer directs the firm’s Southern California environmental and toxic tort practice group, and Hartman practices […]


For California Attorneys: California's Global-Warming Battle ( July 2007 ) California has long been in the vanguard of environmental regulation and litigation. One recent high-profile battle being fought in the state's legislature and courts—a battle with significant impact far […]