Adoption in California Legislative Meaning of Adoption Approval or acceptance; usually applied to amendments or resolutions. See more about California legislative definitions (including Adoption). California Adoption Laws Overview of adoption laws in California, including details about the […]


Usual Current Expenses and the Legislative Process A term used to describe legislation that appropriates the necessary expenses of the various departments of the state government. Under the Constitution, such bills take effect immediately upon their enactment. Resources See Also Legislative […]

Floor Leader

Majority Floor Leader and the Legislative Process In the Assembly, the Majority Floor Leader is an officer of the Assembly appointed by the Speaker. He or she represents the Speaker on the floor and, in conjunction with the Presiding Officer, expedites Assembly Floor proceedings through […]


Adjourn In Memory (Aim) and the Legislative Process A Member may request that the Assembly or Senate session be adjourned in the memory of a person. This request must be in writing and shall be read by the Presiding Officer prior to the adjournment of session. Resources See Also Legislative […]


Motion to Reconsider and the Legislative Process A parliamentary procedure which, if adopted, reverses an action previously taken and returns the question before the body for another vote. Resources See Also Legislative Power Legislative Branch Legislation Executive Branch Legislative […]

Conference Report

Conference Report and the Legislative Process Amendments agreed upon by a majority of a conference committee. Two Members from each House must agree on the conference report in order for the report to be considered by the Houses (see Conference Committee). Resources See Also Legislative Power […]

Caucus Secretary

Caucus Secretary and the Legislative Process An officer of the party caucus whose duties are prescribed by the caucus. Resources See Also Legislative Power Legislative Branch Legislation Executive Branch Legislative Function Popular Searches related with the California Legislature and Caucus […]

Code of Regulations

California Code of Regulations and the Legislative Process The official compilation of regulations legally adopted by State agencies and filed with the Secretary of State; the recognized source of California administrative law. Resources See Also Legislative Power Legislative Branch […]

Special Order

Special Order of Business and the Legislative Process Occasionally a bill is of such importance that advanced notice is given about when it will be considered in the full Assembly, Senate, or committee. A request for a Special Order of Business may be made during a Floor Session by requesting […]

Fiscal Committees

Fiscal Committees and the Legislative Process The committees in each house that consider appropriations: Appropriations and Budget Committees. All fiscal bills are referred to a fiscal committee. The budget bill is referred only to the Budget Committee. Most other fiscal bills are heard by the […]


Thirty-Day Provision and the Legislative Process The 30-day waiting period following a bill's introduction before a bill may be heard or acted upon by the Legislature. The waiting period is required by the State Constitution and the Joint Rules, and can be waived by a three-fourths vote […]


Conflict and the Legislative Process During a calendar year, when two or more bills amend the same code section, they are said to be in conflict. Technical amendments must be taken to each bill prior to its approval by the Legislature in order to ensure that all changes proposed by the enacted […]

Double Referred

Double Referred and the Legislative Process Legislation referred by Rules Committee to two policy committees for hearing. Both committees must approve the measure to keep it moving in the process. This is typically used for issue areas that overlap the jurisdiction of more than one policy […]


Assistant Chief Clerk and the Legislative Process Assists in the supervision and coordination of the operation of the proceedings and actions of the Assembly; performs the duties of the Chief Clerk in his or her absence. Resources See Also Legislative Power Legislative Branch Legislation […]

Chaptering Out

Chaptering Out and the Legislative Process When, during a calendar year, two or more bills amending the same code section become law, the bill enacted last (with a higher chapter number) becomes law and prevails over (chapters out) the code section in the bill or bills previously enacted. […]