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Fresno Content:

Fresno Charter
Fresno Ordinances
Fresno Regulations
Fresno Municipal Code, which is a Primary Legal Authority of Fresno
Fresno Planning and Zoning
California Municipal Law

Municipal Law

The U.S. legal system, together with federal and state law (california), is also based in counties and cities local laws. For William Blackstone (1827) municipal law is completely expressed by the first branch of the definition, A rule of civil conduct prescribed by the supreme power in a state.

Municipal Law Administrative Decisions:

Ordinance Codification

Code of Ordinances: Attorneys, architects, planners and law students frequently rely on codes of ordinance. There is not free online comprehensive source of Municipal Codes. If you need to csearch or compare the text of several municipal codes (Multiple code searching), you may use American Legal Publishing’s site, and subscribe to Municode. Municode provides access the municipal codes from 49 states (Idaho is not represented). To find local ordinances, visit the cities and/or counties websites clerk’s office, or at a local law or non-law library. You can find links to the researched local government at:


Individual agencies may also provide copies of the rules they enforce.

If you are looking for Fresno’s municipal code, go to the Fresno’s official Web site and look for a link directed to the code.

Secondary Sources

Local and Municipal Law in Comparative Law

See Also

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