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Constitution in California

Legislative Meaning of Suspend the Constitution

A motion to waive requirements that the Constitution imposes but permits to be waived. A motion to suspend requires an extraordinary vote. See more about California legislative definitions (including Constitution ).

The Constitution of California is the formost source of California law. Its power and legitimacy derive from the sovereignty of the people. The California Constitution, in turn, is subordinate only to the Constitution of the United States, which is the supreme law of the United States country.

Currently, California law consists of 29 codes, covering various areas, the State Constitution and Statutes.

Home rule (and its Constitutional limitations) in California: General Overview

This section examines the topic of home rule (and its constitutional limitations) in relation to State power in California, and provides background cross-references and a roughly easy treatment of California subjects related to home rule (and its constitutional limitations), important to this area of law in California.

Constitutional Limitations in California: General Overview

This section provides a summary of the framework of constitutional limitations in the area of taxation in California.


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