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Complaints against Lawyers in California

Complaints against Attorneys in California

A significant uptick in complaints against California attorneys over years 2009 and 2010–due largely to a wave of home loan modification scams–has kept the State Bar’s Office of Chief Trial Counsel busy investigating and disciplining lawyers. The Office of Chief Trial Counsel also is spending a chunk of annual dues to compensate defrauded clients through the Client Security Fund, according to the 2010 Annual Discipline Report of the State Bar of California released in April 2011.


Grievances about attorneys received by the OCTC:
2008 13,585
2009 17,103
2010 17,904


Cases in which the OCTC filed formal charges against attorneys in California:
2008 644
2009 559
2010 1,209


Number and type of formal disciplinary outcomes against attorneys in California:

Disbarments: 57 (2008) 71 (2009)128 (2010)
Suspensions: 245 (2008) 255 (2009) 444 (2010)
All other actions: 167 (2008) 250 (2009) 217 (2010)


Number of applications and total reimbursement requested from the Client Security Fund
2008: 825 – $11,290,084
2009: 3,028 – $19,469,661
2010: 3,875 – $23,231,936

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by Kevin Woo (2011)
Victims of California’s home loan modification crisis are lining up for reimbursement from the State Bar.

More than 8,300 were the reported victims of home loan modification scams in California since 2009. As the crisis continues to unfold, these defrauded clients are seeking compensation for their losses. Courts may order crooked lawyers to pay restitution, but if the attorneys don’t comply, victims can turn to the State Bar’s Client Security Fund (CSF). Currently more than 5,200 victims are waiting for security fund compensation. That’s up from 1,161 people in 2007, and represents about 80 percent of all CSF cases in the state.

Established in 1972, the CSF uses 10 percent of State Bar dues to reimburse clients of dishonest lawyers up to $100,000. Victims are reimbursed no more than the amount by which they were defrauded, and they may wait as long as a year for restitution. In 2010 the CSF coffers contained $15.5 million, but that reserve will take a hit: Outstanding claims total $34.5 million, and the fund expects to pay out at least a third of that amount. Disbarred lawyers whose clients are compensated by the CSF must repay the fund before they are readmitted to the bar. If the fund gets depleted, the bar could seek an increase in annual membership fees, says Colin Wong, chief administrative officer of the State Bar Court.

In early 2009, to investigate the growing number of scam artists, the State Bar formed a loan modification task force. The task force is currently investigating more than 1,700 cases involving 344 attorneys. Since its inception, 22 attorneys have resigned with charges pending or been disbarred; at least 20 more have been suspended for related misconduct. Supervising trial counsel Suzan J. Anderson says that attorneys initially involved in the rush of loan modification misconduct tended to be either new lawyers or those near retirement. Green attorneys were roped into scams as they struggled to find jobs, while more experienced lawyers, she speculates, may have been hoping for a last big payday before retiring.

In an effort to protect homeowners, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 94 in October 2009, prohibiting anyone involved in loan modification services from receiving fees until the services have been performed. “I believe [SB 94] has helped stem the tide of the traditional loan modification scams,” Anderson says. “This is not to say that there are not any attorneys out there collecting advance fees.”

In April the State Bar Court suspended Ramon M. Gonzalez, the former general counsel for Pope & Associates, for six months and ordered him to pay $42,000 in restitution, plus interest, to eleven plaintiffs. (…)

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