California Lawyers for the Arts

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California Lawyers for the Arts

California Lawyers for the Arts (“CLA”) is a state-wide nonprofit organization founded in 1974. California Lawyers for the Arts is dedicated to educating and empowering artists and entertainers of all disciplines and to supporting non-profit arts organizations by establishing a bridge between the legal and arts communities.

Each year, California Lawyers for the Arts serves more than 11,000 individuals, arts businesses, and nonprofit organizations by providing referrals to affordable and pro bono legal
services, educational programs, alternative dispute-resolution services, youth development, and information resources. California Lawyers for the Arts’s membership includes artists, attorneys, accountants, educators, and other supporters of the organization’s goals.

CLA, formerly known as Bay Area Lawyers for the Arts (“BALA”), participated in the drafting of the California Resale Royalty Act (CRRA), which grants visual artists a fairer share in the profits from their labor, fosters the creation of new art, and communicates to both established and
upcoming visual artists that California values their work, and was a moving force in urging the
California legislature to adopt the law.

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